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DSC 0719Based in Namibia, Windhoek RCCS (short for Ricky's Custom Car Shop) offers a wide range of Tuning products and Services to local and International Customers.  Given that a car has alot of areas the modern day Tuner can improve on, please read through our customizers guide and a few handy tips.


The basis for all car upgrades is either to customise the look of your car and/or to eliminate the compromises made by the car manufacturer. These compromises made by the car manufacturers can be found in all areas of the car, whether it is the suspension, seats, tyres, wheels, engine or appearance/styling. These compromises are either made to make the car look blander so it doesn’t offend anyone and appeals to as many people as possible or more commonly, compromises are made due to cost and these are probably the most obvious weaknesses that can be felt by the driver. The two approaches listed below will fundamentally address both these issues, make the car more personalized and eliminate the compromises made by the car manufacturers.


Daily Driver/Road Car

The first is the good all round daily driver. It offers ride comfort close to the standard car but with far higher handling limits. The brakes areDSC 0778 much stronger and can resist fade much better than the originals allowing the car to handle spirited driving on the road and light track use. The power of the car will be close to standard but the engine will feel more responsive and willing with a simple replacement of the cars air intake filter. The interior of the car will be uprated to give the driver greater control by changing out the cars steering wheel, foot pedals and gear knob.  Most importantly the driver will have done some exterior modifacations.  Easy bolt-on bits are available from RCCS like, headlamps, indicator lamps, fog lights, front/rear spoiler, grill etc.  These modifications will give the driver a better handling, better looking and better sounding Car.


Complete Customized Cars

DSC 0726This is where the driver goes all out to achieve a desired look or feel for the car.  The additions  may include a custom body kit, custom sound installation, a custom set of wheels and even putting in a sunroof.  All of these modifications are possible with RCCS just let your imagination dream it up cause we'll be able to make your dream a Ricky's Custom Car.


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 Use the Google map to help you find our shop in Marangon Park, Marangoni Str Windhoek.






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